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Amazing Angkor Wat temple

Angkor Wat temple
Cambodia emerged from a turbulent past and has become an amazing place to visit, hence Angkor Wat architectural legacy left by the mighty Khmer empire, which ruled most of what we know today as Southeast Asia a thousand years ago, continues to dazzle visitors year after year. Visits one of the world’s most beautiful sights; an inspiring ancient temples of Angkor. Built in the golden age of the Khmer Empire and spread over a vast region in northern Cambodia, the jungle has reclaimed the scattered temples to create magical unions of stone and nature, lost in smoky mist and steeped in history and beauty.

Today Cambodia is symbolized by awesome central temple, Angkor Wat; largest man-made religious structure in the world and enduring symbol of the mighty Khmer Empire. However, Cambodia is so much more than just one temple. Khmer people themselves are becoming recognized for a charm and optimism that does not fail to win the hearts of international tourists. Her riverside capital, Phnom Penh still retains its French-colonial ambience, is home to reminders of the country’s brutal recent history, but is firmly focused on a bright future. Further afield lie sun-drenched beaches and forgotten outposts, as well as incredible temples. Explore this diverse and beautiful country, surely you will surely be inspired.

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