Pchum Ben Festival

September is the month of ghost spirit come to monastery to look for food

Hungry ghost story…
Cambodia celebrates ‘Pchum Ben’ means – Pchum: meet or gather, Ben: bay ben (bay: rice, ben: round), so people bring rice and food to monasteries in order to remind there relatives who passed away as they believe in superstition. Otherwise, those passed away spirit will be conjured. In other word, the ghosts will drive them badly such as unhealthy or whatever they believe bad things will come into their family’s life. That’s why most of Khmer Buddhists are vigorous by making food and rice to dedicate to them. Keeps in mind that big day is on 1st Oct 2016, but before this big day we already had 2 weeks during the dark moon as the ghosts only come out to look for food at the monasteries, if they could not find food or their relatives didn’t bring over that will be troublesome. However our Khmer Buddhists are on their focus during this period. Happy Pchum Ben day!

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