• Kayaking around Tonle Sap Lake forests is a great experience while visiting Angkor temples

Monthly Archives: September 2016

Pchum Ben Festival

Hungry ghost story... Cambodia celebrates 'Pchum Ben' means - Pchum: meet or gather, Ben: bay ben (bay: rice, ben: round), so people bring rice and food to monasteries in order to remind there relatives who passed away as they believe in superstition. Otherwise, those passed away spirit will be conjured. In other word, the ghosts will...

Ta Tai Resort, Koh Kong, Cambodia

Eco-tourism in Cambodia is amazing - Ta Tai located in Koh Kong Province. Of one many resorts along the coastal lines. Beautiful place. It's worth for a visit. It is rich in mangroves. Although Kep or Sihanouk ville are the best resorts amongst coastal lines - Ta Tai is an amazing place to visit.

Visa Updates

Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia is pleased to inform that foreign visitors can apply visa for trips at Cambodia Embassy or...